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Human Capital & Business Solutions Specialists

Recruitment & Talent Aquisition


Human resources are vital to the success of your business. Without employing highly qualified professionals, you can’t move forward delivering the services your clients have been promised. But it takes time to staff your operations for maximum performance and knowing where to start can be a challenge. Good news! ICL REZOLVE can help.


We understand HR management and the HR lifecycle and can step into your organisation with immediate counsel. We offer superior talent management solutions and assessment methods unlike any other recruitment agency. We tackle human resource challenges with confidence because our team is experienced in every industry and discipline we serve.


The advantage of partnering with ICL REZOLVE is that we offer recruiting and talent management services all under one roof. We are a full service HR advisory company. Rather than requiring third party provider, we can leverage our own scientifically developed proprietary tools and assessment methods to attract, select, develop and engage talent. As the most qualitative HR service on the market, we are known for our qualified assessors, and we provide guaranteed double assessment for each candidate to ensure objectivity.


At ICL REZOLVE, our methodology is unique and yet customisable. We adapt our customised solutions to meet your specific needs and we dig deeper than any other to evaluate and shortlist the most qualified candidates. We provide the final candidate to ensure they are the right fit for the company.


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Job Seekers


Looking for a new Career?  Just been layed off to economic pressures?  Need a new challenge?


If you answered yes to any of the above, we can assist in finding the perfect position for you.  You will need to complete our application forms, be subject to assessments, verifications of history and qualifications, Credit checks, criminal checks.


This is done to ensure we provide the right candidate for the right job.


Click the link above to look at existing opportunities or to send us a mail with your CV.



Your business is growing, you need to fill the right positions with the right skills and the right people that will complement your business.


We offer a customised service to each one of our clients, we study you, we learn your business and we find the perfect match for your positions.


Give our team a call and let's work together to get your business skilled. 


Click the link above to engage with us on your specific needs.

Talent Aquisition


Talent aquisition is a very skilled approach to recruiting people to work for you.


This specialised service for our preferred clients, namely Talent Aquisition, is a highly demanded service and targets specific people, specific skills, or specific industries to find the right person for your business.


Struggling to find the perfect match?  Give our team a call and lets talk.  We will find the right person for you.