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Human Capital & Business Solutions Specialists

HR | IR Services


Lets face it, most small and medium companies these days don't have the resources or income to afford a full time HR or IR function in their business.


The challenge here is you open yourself up to abuse and mistreatment as a business and you also don't realise the full potential of your employees.


We provide for you with a team of exceptionally skilled HR and IR professionals to help you and guide you through these processes and functions in order for you to have maximum benefit and maximum results from your staff.

Business Services


In essence we don't make a product, we sell a service.  This service combines all the elements of Business, People & Employee needs and provides an amalgamation of big business services.  Our knowlege base in all areas of business are well equipped to provide you with valuable information with which to make better decisions.  Our teams of HR Generalists, Labour Consultants, Lifestyle and Business Coaches, Trainers, Motivational Speakers, are all here to make your business experience rewarding and satisfying, for both you the business owner and your employees.


Whether you need help starting a business, making changes to an existing business, training your staff, to dealing with your industrial issues, we have a solution that will aid you in resolving most situations.


A business is like a wheelbarrow, the minute you stop pushing, it stops working.  Let us help you to keep that wheelbarrow in motion.


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Business Registrations & Amendments


Registering a business or making changes to any business can be a daunting task, especially when you don't know what to do.

We have a team of business registration specialists that deal all day long registering and making amendments to companies.


Let us help you with this process, which will be seamless for you, and you will have a registered or amended business in no time.

Workforce Development


You have a team of staff, or a force of staff, you are not getting the results from them that you need and dont know where to start changing that fact?


Look no further, our team of dedicated workforce development experts provide a multitude of services that focus specifically on the development of your workforce to get maximum results for your business.


We know the pressure this places on any business and we understand the urgency of the skills requirements.  Make contact with the team and let's talk about how we can make your teams the best they can be.

Small Business Development


Developing a business is by no means an easy task.  The amount of thinking and planning that needs to go into it is enough to put anyone off.


The challenge here, is that it's a neccessary evil if you want to setup your business properly and to ensure its success.

We assist you through the processes from planning, to implementation and we hold your hand along the way just to make sure you are on the right path.


Our team of experts can ensure your business future is rosy.

Business Investigations and Researchers


Being in the know is one of the most powerful business tools to have at your disposal.


We have a team of specialised business investigators that do market research, that can perform remote observations on suspected fraudulent activities, they can also go into your organisation as undercover agents to weed out dishonesty, corruption and fraud.


Don't get caught in a postion where you dont know what's going on.


Knowledge is Power.