Business Registrations & Administration


Starting a business is a road many aspire to go down, but its the entrepreneur that actually risks the road, and takes on the challenges that face them to beat the odds and come out victorious as a businessman. This is an ideal we would like to help you achieve. The service we provide here is to make this process as seamless and painless as possible for you. Pointing you in the direction of success by doing the menial tasks of setting up a business for you formally while allowing you to focus on the actual business activities that will soon make you a successful member of the business world.

New Registrations


So you're starting a new business and don't quite know what is required?


Look no further.  Our team of experts who deal with these matters on a daily basis are here to provide you with the resource to make your business registration happen in the blink of an eye.


Rather get things done the right way the first time to avoid disappointing delays and incorrect document submissions, and let the team who marvel at efficiency take the frustration out the process for you and get it done quickly.



Your Business has been around a while, and now you are making some changes to the setup of your existing business.


Let the team take the pain and frustration out of this process for you and get it done seamlessly and quickly.


There is nothing more satisfying in knowing there is a team that can handle these frustrating tasks on your behalf.


Laws require changes to be made if you have made changes in your business.


Get it done sooner rather than later.

Annual Returns


By law you are required to submit an annual return declaring your income for that financial period.


Failure to meet this requirement can meet with penalty fees and ultimately derigistration of your business.


In terms of small businesses an accountant must provide the income statement and in terms of Companies audited financial s must be provided to complete the annual return.


Let our team facilitate this process for you annually to keep your business in the green.

Accounting Officer | Auditor Amendments


Law requires constant updating in terms of changes to your business or company.  This includes changes to accounting officers and auditors.


The process can be confusing at best of times.  Let our team handle this process for you to keep your business updated constantly.


The last thing you need is a business on the list of defaulters, which could find you being deregistered.


Let us help you avoid that.

Certificate Disclosures


Certificates are required for a number of reasons in business life.  Sometimes we need new copies after changes are made, sometimes we lose them, sometimes we need them for applications for loans, or grants etc.


Let the team provide you with the required certificates in the fastest turnaround time, giving you more time to focus on the important things in your business.

Name Changes, Member Changes, Director Changes


A business has been sold, A person was promoted to Director, you are adding or removing members from a business?


All these items require interaction and updating of the systems with these changes can be extremely confusing.


Let the team guide you through this process and make the changes for you.  You will be supplied with updated documents within record time.