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The world is changing. The economy is changing. People are a valuable source of competitive gains for businesses operating in today's economy and marred with only one certainty - change.


Business restructuring, is commonplace in today's world of commerce and industry. Businesses also need to ensure compliance to ever changing and complicated legislation. Furthermore, people no longer subscribe to the notion of lifelong employment, they seek energy and fulfillment. your business energized to provide a rewarding environment?


If businesses do not adapt themselves to ensure they can draw, inspire, motivate, manage, develop and reward their workforce appropriately, they may lose their most valuable assets to their ever searching competitors.


…is your business prepared?


ICL REZOLVE Human Resource team works with businesses that aim to make their people a sustainable source of Human Capital. Our mission and vision is built on our belief in developing all people to be creative and effective team players, committed to extraordinary customer service and business growth.

Disciplinary Policy & Process


Have you got a disciplinary policy? No? Then we suggest you contact us immediately to remedy the problem.


Being without a disciplinary policy in todays world is suicide for any business.  You are simply opening up yourself to abuse and reckless abandon when it comes to employee relations and disciplinary action.


Let our team of policy experts put you on the correct path to solving your future woes.

Wage Negotiations


Unions, bargaining committees, councils, and shop stewards are words every company should be very very familiar with.


Being ill prepared in this area may very well cost you hundreds of thousands of rands.


Let our team of expert negotiators take control of this for you, and negotiate better and fairer demands for both the employee and employer.


Don't get caught out in the dark!

Strike Attendance & Management


You arrive at work and find that your workforce is at the gate in full strike mode.


What do you do?  There are a number of options that are present at this point, but the best one would be to call us to handle the situation on your part.


Having a non affiliated non biased person handle strikes has a far greater effect than a company handling it on their own.

Change Management


Change in any form is a difficult thing to accept.  In the workplace even more so.


Unfortunately in the economic conditions we face these days, change has almost become normal, even though it is despised.


Managing this change is a critical business decision, and how you handle it is the vital part your success as a business depends on.


Let our team guide you through the processes of change management and see the rewards for yourself.

Retrenchment Assistance


Tough times have hit and you need to make some rational and critical business changes and decisions.


Unfortunately the first place businesses turn to cut costs is always on human capital.


This is not an easy process and needs to be handled very, very carefully from the first communications with your staff.


A mistake could cost you dearly.  Let us guide you through this process and ensure a positive outcome for all parties.

Employment Contracts and Changes to Conditions of Service


Having employment contracts and other contracts in the workplace is a vital part of employment.


Most businesses don't even know where to start when it comes to contracts.


Let our team of experts help you setup your contacts in the correct mediums to ensure future integrity and validity.


Don't get caught with the wrong contracts in place.

Skills Planning & GAP Analysis


An area where so many businesses fail. The amount of skills in your business is key to success, and planning for these skills is the best way to ensure a prosperous future for your business.


We assess your current situation and perform a GAP analysis to identify where your skills shortages lie, we then assist you in developing a skills plan that will either develop existing employees or attract new ones with the skills you require.


Skills is the number one factor that leads to business success.  Are you prepared for the future?

Training & Development


Training is a vital part of a business. Staying up to date with current trends and skill sets in the markets is vital to staying ahead of the pack.  Your competitors may be one step ahead of you and that's the last place you want to be.


Training your existing workforce is critical in todays world where the basic education systems are no longer enough.


As hundreds of thousands of youths enter the workforce annually its important to ensure those within your business are equipped properly to perform the tasks required for business success.

Business Skills Development


As your business grows, so too does the demand on leadership teams within the business.  They are tasked with more and more responsibility, they get more and more staff to lead and the demands on them to perform their own tasks becomes more and more difficult.


Business skills really focus on developing future leaders in your business with the correct skills sets now, so that they are ready when opportunity comes knocking. This also enables you to promote from within the business saving yourself thousands of rands on recruitment fees.


Can you say your future leaders are ready?

Motivation & Inspiration


Any team, any workforce, any person always needs some form of motivation.  We get so bogged down with busy workloads, stress, demanding customers, difficult staff, that we forget that a time out to recharge can do amazing things.


To fill our minds with positive energy is one of the most productive resources the body possesses.


Are your teams feeling flat, dull, demotivated, dreary, non responsive?  If they are you need to contact us.

Performance Appraisal


That word we all hate so much. Appraisal!! Well, used correctly this task can be an extremely valuable business tool.


We all need to know how we are doing now and then so that we can see where we can improve.  It's important this is done with each and every employee at least twice a year.


Each leader responsible for staff should sit with each one and discuss their responsibilities and how each one is performing.


The problem is most leaders don't know how to perform this function.  Let us set up your appraisal systems and teach your leaders how to do this.


The reward is enormous.

Psychometric & Personality Assessments


Employing someone new and not quite sure they fit the grade with their skills they claim to have?  Well, fear not, we are equipped with psychometric tests and personality profiles that will give you all the answers you seek about someone.


Teams at the office are clashing constantly and struggling to work together?  Let us assist with personality profiling and provide the team with valuable insights into the dynamics that make them tick.


This will really open their eyes and you will see a huge change in the working relationships and environment.

Payroll & Benefits Administration


Managing the payroll of a workforce can be a very demanding task.  With all the rules around deductions, security of payments, managing this is a nightmare for any business.


Our team of dedicated payroll experts will manage this on your behalf.  We take the pain out of payroll and offer a service that gives you peace of mind that it is fully taken care of.

Recruitment & Talent Hunting


Filling positions in your business as soon as possible is a critical decision that most businesses need to make.


The challenge is always finding the right person, with the right skills and qualifications in time and readily available.


Our team of dedicated talent scouts and recruitment specialists are here to pave the way for you by providing an exceptional service offering that will see you smiling from the first day.

Employee Administration


Managing employee records is another area that most businesses are not very good at.


Making sure that employee records are up to date, accurate, safely and securely stored is vital in todays compliance requirements of labour laws.


Let us take the pain out the process and keep your records in tip top shape from start to finish.


Our team of Administrators are waiting on you.